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About Ivythorn Sporting

As a registered firearms dealer with over 25 years experience in the business, I provide a personalised service with close attention on the quality and variety of the firearms that I offer for sale.



(with added transparency and accountability)
Steve Beaty

The above, to me, sum up the part that I should play as the link between my customers and their needs... It is crucially important to me that people are treated properly. I don't have a business without customers...

I trade under the name of Ivythorn Sporting (founded 1999), Registered Firearms Dealer Avon & Somerset 1505.
The company stocks and supplies new and second-hand Rifles, Shotguns, Sound moderators, Optics, and selected accessories.
I do not operate a conventional full-time retail premises but prefer to offer all clients my time and expertise on an informed and relaxed one to one basis, which is why we are appointment only.

I have used guns and rifles almost daily for 35 years and have 25 years experience of firearms sales, tuition, gun-fit and attending properly to customer needs. All of my stock can be viewed on site without obligation, and anything second-hand may also be tested on our range/clay grounds, again, with no pressure to purchase; but please note that all on-site business is STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, from Monday to Saturday, inclusive.

You can view the majority of my current stock by following the link to Guntrader.

About our guns

We offer a wide range of guns and rifles, optics and moderators, and they all have two things in common; quality and value-for-money. I won't sell anything which I consider to be below standard.

You can test a demonstrate rifles at Ivythorn, without obligation, and can also leave with your new rifle professionally assembled, zeroed, and ready to use...

What we also offer

Ivythorn Sportings' range and clay grounds enable us to provide high quality tuition and corporate entertainment, and our 'exclusive sole occupancy' for no extra cost policy means our practice facility for both clays and rifle is always popular. All this in a safe, informal, and frankly stunning location...

Our location

Ivythorn Sporting is situated literally on the edge of the spectacular Somerset levels, just south of the village of street. Our postcode for your satnav is BA16 9RH (the business is well-signed along our approach road, Ivythorn Lane). Alternatively please refer to the map on this website or ask me for directions.

Please contact me for costs and booking availability, all bookings are by appointment.

Steve Beaty, Owner
Ivythorn Sporting.

About Zeiss

The workshop for precision mechanics and optics opened by Carl Zeiss in Jena in 1846 already enjoyed a sustained period of prosperity during its early years. On the basis of Ernst Abbe’s outstanding scientific achievements, a global player in the field of optics gradually evolved. This period of success continued for a century.

The enforced partition of Germany as a result of World War II led to two Zeiss companies, one in the West and one in the East.

With the political changes taking place in the former East Germany in 1989/90, the two competitors reunited to form a single company in 1990. Reunited, Carl Zeiss became stronger than ever before in its eventful history. Today, the company looks to the future with optimism and anticipation.