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LotuTec® coating

LotuTec CoatingLotuTec Products

A principle from nature: The lotus flower effect. That is the water repelling characteristic of surfaces, to simply let water drops pearl off and to repel dirt.
LotuTec® acts as protective coating and cleaning and care is made especially easy. This technology has been used by Carl Zeiss for millions of spectacle lenses for a long time.

The following products with LotuTec® are available



Spotting scopes


The advantages

Dirt, grease and water repelling pearl-off effect.
Simplified, streak-free and gentle cleaning.
Contrast-rich and brilliant image.

Without LotuTec®

Without LotuTecAs with most leaves, moisture and dirt particles collect on the surface and adhere. Contact angles more than 110° lead to ball-like water drops.


With LotuTec®

With LotuTec®Just like in a lotus flower, the drops simply pearl off. Dirt and finger prints can be easily removed from the smooth surface.