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Victory series

Victory series

The brilliant Victory high performance optics offer top efficiency in all sectors without making any compromises. Another milestone in more than 100 years history of ZEISS riflescopes.


  • Victory Diarange Rifle Scopes

    Hunting in unknown areas, in foreign countries or in the mountains often require shots at distances that are clearly longer than at home. The ammunition used and its ballistic data result in deviations in the point of impact that are not negligible and must be corrected. Therefore, knowing the range to the target is vital for a clean shot and successful hunting.

  • Victory Varipoint Rifle Scopes

    All Varipoint models are equipped with an unique red dot for use in bright daylight as well as in twilight or during night. This makes them the most versatile models for almost every hunting situation.

  • Victory Diavari Rifle Scopes

    The Diavari models are variable riflescopes with maximum optical and mechanical performance. With different reticles they meet the requirements of every hunt.Those models with objective lens diameter 50 mm and more are available also with illuminated reticles for twilight conditions. The Diavari 6-24x72 is available only with illuminated reticles.