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Spotting Scopes

Spotting Scopes

Get close to the vastness of nature and the distant horizon: man experiences the fascination of his surroundings largely through visual experience.

Through visual magnification we can become part of the vast landscape that surrounds us without having to overcome the physical distance. It expands our field of experience, deepens our perspective and sharpens our senses, giving us a greater appreciation for the world in which we exist.


  • Victory DiaScope

    With the new Victory DiaScope range Carl Zeiss offers unprecedented perfection in nature observation: The wide field of view opens up new perspectives and a magnification of up to 75 x gets you closer to fascinating details than ever before. The FL concept ensures unparalleled image brightness and brilliance. Intuitive and fast focusing via a single focusing wheel sets new standards in terms of operating comfort, in coarse and fine adjustment mode.